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Cannonball Adderley & Milt Jackson : Things Are Getting Better

Released 25 Oct 2005 by Riverside

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-032-2
  •  7.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
At its best, the loose-limbed "blowing" date must be recognized as an important element in the jazz pattern. This album is a near-perfect…

Gerry Mulligan & Thelonious Monk : Mulligan Meets Monk

Released 25 Oct 2005 by Riverside

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-301-2
  •  7.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
Three decades ago, when Riverside paired Thelonious Monk and Gerry Mulligan on this album, it seemed a daring move. These two appeared to represent…

Thelonious Monk : Monk's Music

Released 25 Oct 2005 by Riverside

  •  14.98 Catalog # RCD-242-2
Monk's Music is among the most significant of Thelonious's classic Riverside albums. Here he was literally looking back and ahead at the same time…

Nat Adderley : Work Song

Released 30 Aug 2005 by Riverside

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-363-2
  •  7.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
Nat Adderley led a double creative life at Riverside: featured on the highly successful working-group albums led by his brother Cannonball, and also…

Bobby Timmons : This Here Is Bobby Timmons

Released 30 Aug 2005 by Riverside

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-104-2
  •  7.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
Bobby Timmons was one of the prime movers in the "soul jazz" movement of the late Fifties and early Sixties that had a deep impact on the…

Wynton Kelly : Kelly Blue

Released 30 Aug 2005 by Riverside

  •  13.98 Catalog # RISA-1142-6
On one subject at least, the varied musicians in the forefront of the East Coast jazz scene of the Fifties--Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley, Dizzy…

Wes Montgomery Trio : The Wes Montgomery Trio

Released 17 Aug 2004 by Riverside

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-034-2
  •  8.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
It is surely a great rarity to be able to rediscover the exact beginnings of a major artist. Something quite close to that occurs here: when…

The Bill Evans Trio : Explorations

Released 30 Jul 1991 by Riverside

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-037-2
  •  8.88 / Buy Individual MP3s
When Bill Evans left the seminal Miles Davis Sextet at the end of 1958, he turned permanently to leading his own trio, thereby influencing and…

The Bill Evans Trio : Portrait In Jazz

Released 30 Jul 1991 by Riverside

  •  13.98 Catalog # RISA-1162-6
One of the two most important associations in the early development of the incredible talent of Bill Evans was undoubtedly his nine-month 1958 stay…

Cannonball Adderley Quintet : In San Francisco

Released 30 Jul 1991 by Riverside

  •  14.98 Catalog # RCD-1157-2
When Adderley joined the Riverside label, he was assured that his still-unformed band would be recorded promptly, whenever and wherever he felt…

Chet Baker : In New York

Released 30 Jul 1991 by Riverside

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-207-2
  •  6.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
The undeniably erratic early career of Chet Baker involved roller-coaster extremes and musical paradoxes. In the Fifties, his sound and approach were…

Wes Montgomery : The Incredible Jazz Guitar

Released 01 Oct 1989 by Riverside

  •  8.98 Catalog # OJCCD-036-2
  •  6.98 / Buy Individual MP3s
  •  10.98 Catalog # OJCLP-036
A dazzling display of the unorthodox technique and emotional power that combined to make Montgomery a literally "incredible" artist. Ever…