Voices at Large

Up Late On A "Long Dark Night"


There are moments where music and television collide and history's made. Elvis and The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. MTV's debut. Pink Floyd's Live 8 reunion. Those loyal to the Late Show with David Letterman witnessed such an event when a reinvigorated John Fogerty took the Ed Sullivan theater by storm Wednesday night (click here to view).

Fogerty ripped through one of recently-released Revival's most incendiary song "Long Dark Night" and immediately followed up with the blistering "I Can't Take It No More." The latter played with a punk abandon found at a CBGBs show circa 1977 that would've made The Ramones proud.

Watching him sing those pointed lyrics on national television -- where networks still fear the wrath of the FCC -- signaled a welcome return to having a voice of healthy dissent on broadcast TV without fear of reprisal or censure. That it was Fogerty's voice, one that expressed similar sentiments a generation ago was all the more poignant. It was proof positive that Fogerty is as vital an artist as he ever was and one that will continue to be so until this current long dark night of our history is done.

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