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Sia Rocks Amoeba


I caught Sia's in-store performance last night at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. You may think those pipes she's got on her album some people have real problems are some form of production trickery, but no. Oh, no. She belts it out like the CD and more.

I've written before about Sia's disarmingly charming stage presence. She's like the cute geeky girl from junior high who can't stop fidgeting and giggling. That is, of course, between songs. During songs, the diminutive singer unleashes such raw, yet focused emotion you feel like you're reading her diary... during a tornado.

For the short set, she rocked through many of her popular songs. She kicked things off with "Buttons" much to the extreme joy of the people packing the aisles at Amoeba. In fact, the guy standing behind me was so excited and screeching with such vigor, I thought the large picture windows in the store would shatter.

The rest of the set included great songs from real problems, such as "Academia" and "Little Black Sandals," as well as some older ones, like "Breathe Me." She ended the show with the empowering and incessantly danceable "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine" -- one of my personal favorites.

She's scheduled to play Coachella this year, which means this was her only L.A. performance for a few months. People outside SoCal can catch her on tour, however, and she's appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight (Jan. 25) on ABC.

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